Top Dog Requirement

The awarding of CNASA “Top Dog” signifies that that particular dog and handler have accumulated more points than any other eligible team in the given calendar year.

All CNASA Members of at least 2 years membership are eligible for these Awards – Dogs must be owned by a CNASA member.

All CKC Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Rally Trials, Agility Trials and Arena Trials held in the calendar year will count toward tabulation of the Top Dog Award.


The Top Conformation Dog for the year will be the highest ranked member owned dog according to the rankings done by CanuckDogs.

No submission of wins is required


The purpose of these awards is not only to acknowledge a dog who has competed with success but also to encourage members to complete with their dogs.

The Top Dogs in all Performance disciplines are calculated using a level of difficulty bonus system which allows us to include dogs competing at all levels.

Beginners achieving high scores at Novice level in any Performance discipline are encouraged to submit their scores.

For Obedience, Rally, Herding, and Agility ALL qualifying scores (regardless of level) earned during the given calendar year must be submitted
The calculations are done as follows:

  • For the first level in ALL Performance disciplines (i.e., Herding Started and Novice in Obedience, Rally, and Agility) the actual scores are used.
  • For the intermediate levels (i.e. dogs competing for CDX in Obedience, RA in Rally or an Intermediate in Agility or Herding):

Obedience – actual score + 1% bonus (e.g., a score of 190 will be 190+1% of 190 to equal 191.9)
Rally and Agility – actual score + 1% bonus (e.g., a score of 90 will be 90+1% of 90 to equal 90.9)
Herding – actual score + 2% bonus (e.g., a score of 90 will be 90 +2% of 90 to equal 91.8)

  • For the advanced levels (i.e. dogs competing for UD in Obedience, RE in Rally, AGX in Agility, HA in Herding):

Obedience – actual score + 3% bonus (e.g., a score of 190 will be 190+3% of 190 to equal 195.7)
Rally and Agility – actual score + 3% bonus (e.g., a score of 90 will be 90+3% of 90 to equal 92.7)
Herding – actual score + 4% bonus (e.g., a score of 90 will be 90 +4% of 90 to equal 96.6)

Each dog’s scores are then averaged to calculate the final score for the dog.

This is a slightly modified system of calculating each dog’s average score based on the way scores are calculated for the MVA awards and is more equitable than what has been done previously…

Click HERE for the Performance Top Dog Award score submission form 

NOTE:  submissions MUST be made on the form and MUST include all information requested.  Incomplete forms will be returned!

FYI – CKC Event numbers are listed on the CKC Calendar of Events page or will be on the scoresheet given to each handler at the conclusion of class judging.

Use as many forms as required to include all your dog’s qualifying scores for the year.

Include only ONE performance discipline on each form or set of forms.