We invite all members to review these brief descriptions of the work carried out by the Committees, and if you see something that you would like to bring your talents to, and work on, PLEASE DO NOT BE SHY!!

Contact the Committee Chair (or your Zone Director) and let her know of your willingness to be a working member – you’ll be welcomed with open arms!!

This is YOUR club – committed to the BREED YOU LOVE

Help us make it the best VOICE FOR AUSSIES that it can be!

Public Information and Education

This committee is responsible for initiatives to educate the general public about the breed, and especially now, to work to protect our right to breed and own dogs that conform to the accepted breed standard and to inform and educate the public as to why that standard must be maintained.

The committee is also responsible for preparing materials that can be used for educating judges about the breed.

Angela Slauenwhite

Committee members:

Constitution/Bylaws/Code of Ethics/French Translations

This committee is responsible for reviewing the CNASA Constitution, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics and putting forth suggested amendments to those documents as they deem necessary.

This committee reports directly to the Board.

When the amendments are finalized and have been approved by CKC, this committee will be responsible for arranging for the documents to be translated so that they are also available for our francophone members.

Chairperson:  Lee Anne Kelly

Committee members:

Hall of Fame and Top Dog

This committee is responsible for accepting submissions for Hall of Fame awards (guidelines are stated on the HOF Requirements page) and ensuring that HOF dogs are acknowledged.

The committee is also responsible for compiling the statistics for top winning member owned dogs in all disciplines for each calendar year,  for sending the awards to owners, and ensuring that the Top Dogs are acknowledged.

HOF Chairperson:
Theresa Casselman  casselcreek@cciwireless.ca

Top Dogs Chairperson:
Lydine Denzin sheeps.kin@sasktel.net


This committee is responsible for searching out, and obtaining permission to use and reprint, articles pertaining to health and genetic issues in Aussies.

The committee will provide the Quarterly editor and the web contact with an article, or series of articles, every quarter.

The committee will also ensure that Health/Genetics related posts from other e-mail lists (where permission to cross post has been given) will be posted on the CNASA Members e-mail list and the CNASA facebook group.

Chairperson:  Karen Doughty

Committee members:  Lisa Wensley


This committee is responsible for ongoing initiatives to increase our member base and ensure that present members continue to see the CNASA as the voice of our breed.

The committee is responsible for preparing a “Welcome to CNASA” package that can be sent to all newly approved members, and will work closely with the zone directors to actively solicit new memberships.

The committee is responsible for preparing an “Information Package” that can be sent to all existing club members as a PR tool to help us keep in touch with the membership and keep them informed of all the work being carried out by the club.

In addition the committee will be the liaison between the membership and the Board and will actively solicit feedback from the membership regarding things they think the club is doing well and things they would like to see the club improve on.

Lee Anne Kelly


National Specialty

This committee is responsible for all aspects related to holding a National Specialty every two years.

The venue for the National will alternate between West (Zones 1 to 3) and East (Zones 4 to 6).

The chair for the National must reside in the zone that is hosting the National and is responsible for assigning the Sub-Chair positions as he/she sees fit, but individuals do not need to reside in the host zone in order to work on the National Committee.

National Chair –  Catherine Nadeau

Sub-Chairs:  TBA


This committee is responsible for ensuring that the CNASA Quarterly is published according to a regular schedule as a digital edition (.pdf) to be e-mailed to members.

The committee will actively solicit content (articles, advertisements, show/trial results, etc.) for the Quarterly.

Angela Slauenwhite (Editor)



The Rescue Committee will be the contact for CNASA for anyone needing help rehoming or rescuing aussies in Canada.


Committee Chair:  Karen Doughty




The website committee is responsible for doing updates on the website and maintaining the club’s social media pages.


Committee Chairs:

Lee Anne Kelly

Angela Slauenwhite