Is this breed right for you?

Some things to consider if you want to get an Aussie:

  • Make sure that your lifestyle – now and in the future – will be appropriate for raising and caring for a high-energy dog.
  • Have you considered the amount of attention and exercise an Aussie requires?
  • Who will look after your Aussie when you’re at work?
  • If children are in your future, have you thought of how your Aussie will fit into your lives?

Do a lot of research into the breed and learn as much as you can about it before you go out looking for an Aussie.

And be aware that researching the breed is only half of the task!

If you’re sure that an Aussie is the only breed for you, you should put as much work into finding a reputable breeder from which to buy that puppy. Skipping this step may well leave you and your family with years of emotional and financial heartache, frustration, and disappointment.