What do all those letters mean

What do all those letters mean

What do all those letters mean?


When you see a dog’s registered name, often there will be a confusing array of letters before and after it.  Each registry offers its own titles, most of them in several different venues.  Here’s help with deciphering what all those letters mean.


CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)


  Ch. Champion
  CD Companion Dog
  CDX Companion Dog Excellent
  UD Utility Dog
  O.T.Ch. Obedience Trial Champion
  O.T.Ch.X. Obedience Trial Champion Excellent
  M.O.T.Ch. Master Obedience Trial Champion
  G.M.O.T.Ch. Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion
  HT Herding Tested
  HS Herding Started
  HI Herding Intermediate
  HA Herding Advanced
  HX Herding Excellent
  S.D.S Stock Dog Started
  S.D.I. Stock Dog Intermediate
  S.D.A. Stock Dog Advanced
  H.T.T. Herding Tending Tested
  H.S.T. Herding Tending Started
  H.I.T. Herding Tending Intermediate
  H.A.T. Herding Tending Advanced
  HC Herding Champion
  DC Dual Champion (Herding Champion + Champion in another CKC event)
  AG.N. Agility Dog Novice
  AG.I. Agility Dog Intermediate
  Ag.X. Agility Dog Excellent
  AG.M.X. Agility Dog Masters
  AG.N.J. Agility Novice Jumper
  AG.I.J. Agility Intermediate Jumper
  AG.X.J. Agility Excellent Jumper
  AG.M.X.J. Agility Master Excellent Jumper
  AG.M.CH. Agility Master Champion
Rally Obedience
  RN Rally Novice
  RI Rally Intermediate
  RA Rally Advanced
  TD Tracking Dog
  TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
  UTD Urban Tracking Dog
  UTDX Urban Tracking Dog Excellent
  TC Tracking Champion


ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America)


  CH Champion
  A-CH Altered Champion
  TD Tracking Dog
  TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
  CD Companion Dog
  CDX Companion Dog Excellent
  UD Utility Dog
  UDX Utility Dog Excellent
  OTCH Obedience Trial Champion
  STDd Started Trial Dog – Ducks
  STDs Started Trial Dog – Sheep
  STDc Started Trial Dog – Cattle
  OTDd Open Trial Dog – Ducks
  OTDs Open Trial Dog – Sheep
  OTDc Open Trial Dog – Cattle
  ATDd Advanced Trial Dog – Ducks
  ATDs Advanced Trial Dog – Sheep
  ATDc Advanced Trial Dog – Cattle
  WTCH Working Trial Champion (Earned by achieving all three ATD Titles)
  PATDs Post Advanced Trial Dog – Sheep
  PATDc Post Advanced Trial Dog – Cattle
  RD Ranch Dog
  RTDs Ranch Trial Dog – Sheep
  RTDc Ranch Trial Dog – Cattle
  RS-N Regular Standard Novice
  RS-O Regular Standard Open
  RS-E Regular Standard Elite
  RV-N Regular Veteran Novice
  RV-O Regular Veteran Open
  RV-E Regular Veteran Elite
  RJ-N Regular Junior Novice
  RJ-O Regular Junior Open
  RJ-E Regular Junior Elite
  JS-N Jumpers Standard Novice
  JS-O Jumpers Standard Open
  JS-E Jumpers Standard Elite
  JV-N Jumpers Veteran Novice
  JV-O Jumpers Veteran Open
  JV-E Jumpers Veteran Elite
  JJ-N Jumpers Junior Novice
  JJ-O Jumpers Junior Open
  JJ-E Jumpers Junior Elite
  GS-N Gamblers Standard Novice
  GS-O Gamblers Standard Open
  GS-E Gamblers Standard Elite
  GV-N Gamblers Veteran Novice
  GV-O Gamblers Veteran Open
  GV-E Gamblers Veteran Elite
  GJ-N Gamblers Junior Novice
  GJ-O Gamblers Junior Open
  GJ-E Gamblers Junior Elite
  Any of the above with an OP on the end (like GS-E-OP) means that title plus outstanding performance.
Any of the above with an SP on the end (like GS-E-SP) means that title plus superior performance.
Special Awards:
  HOF Hall of Fame Kennel
  HOF Sire Hall of Fame Sire
  HOF Dam Hall of Fame Dam
  VCH Versatility Champion
  SVCH Supreme Versatility Champion
  PCH Performance Champion
  SPCH Supreme Performance Champion
  DNA – CP DNA Certified Profiled
  DNA – VP DNA Verified Parentage
    DNA Certified Kennel



AKC (American Kennel Club)


  Ch. Champion
  CCH Bench Show Champion
  CGC Grand Champion
  CSC Supreme Grand Champion
  DC Dual Champion (HC + Ch.)
  TC Dual Champion + OTCH or CT or MACH
  CD Companion Dog
  CDX Companion Dog Excellent
  UD Utility Dog
  UDX Utility Dog Excellent
  OTCH Obedience Trial Champion
  NOC National Obedience Champion
  PT Pre-trial tested
  HT Herding Tested
  HS Herding Started


Herding Started Course A (ducks, sheep, cattle)
  HSBdsc Herding Started Course B (ducks, sheep, cattle)
  HSCs Herding Started Course C (sheep)
  HI Herding Intermediate
  HIAdsc Herding Intermediate Course A (ducks, sheep, cattle)
  HIBdsc Herding Intermediate Course B (ducks, sheep, cattle)
  HICs Herding Intermediate Course C (sheep)
  HX Herding Excellent
  HXAdsc Herding Advanced Course A (ducks, sheep, cattle)
  HXBdsc Herding Advanced Course B (ducks, sheep, cattle)
  HXCs Herding Advanced Course C ( sheep)
  HC Herding Champion
  NA Novice Agility
  NAJ Novice Agility Jumper
  NAP Novice Agility Preferred
  NF Novice FAST
  NFP Novice FAST Preferred
  NJP Novice Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
  OA Open Agility
  OAJ Open Agility Jumper
  OAP Open Agility Preferred
  OF Open FAST
  OFP Open FAST Preferred
  OJP Open Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
  AX Agility Excellent


Excellent Agility Jumper
  AJP Excellent Agility Jumpers With Weaves “A” Preferred


Agility Excellent “A” Preferred
  PAX Preferred Agility Excellent
  MX Master Agility Excellent
  MXF Master Excellent FAST
  MXJ Master Excellent Jumpers With Weaves
  MXP Master Agility Excellent “B” Preferred
  MFP Master FAST Preferred
  MJP Master Excellent Jumpers With Weaves “B” Preferred
  XF Excellent FAST
  XFP Excellent FAST Preferred
  FTC1 FAST Century 1
  FTCP1 FAST Century 1 Preferred
  MACH Master Agility Champion
Rally Obedience:
  RN AKC Rally© Novice
  RA AKC Rally© Advanced
  RE AKC Rally© Excellent
  RAE AKC Rally© Advanced Excellent
  TD Tracking Dog
  TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
  VST Variable Surface Tracking
  CT Champion Tracker
  VCD1 Versatile Companion Dog 1
  VCD2 Versatile Companion Dog 2
  VCD3 Versatile Companion Dog 3
  VCD4 Versatile Companion Dog 4
  VCCH Versatile Companion Champion


UKC (United Kennel Club)


  Ch. Champion
  GRCH Grand Champion
  UCD United Companion Dog
  UCDX United Companion Dog Excellent
  UUD United Utility Dog
  UOCH United Obedience Champion Dog


AAC (Agility Association of Canada)


Agility Only:
  ADC Agility Dog of Canada
  AADC Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
  MADC Masters Agility Dog of Canada
  MSDC Masters Snooker Dog of Canada
  MGDC Masters Gamblers Dog of Canada
  MTRDC Masters Team Relay Dog of Canada
  MJDC Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada
  ATChC Agility Trial Champion of Canada
  V Veteran (prefix added to any title)
  S Special (prefix added to any title)


NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council)


Agility Only:
  NAC Novice Agility
  OAC Open Agility
  EAC Elite Agility – Proficient
  EAS Elite Agility – Skilled
  NJC Novice Jumpers
  OJC Open Jumpers
  EJC Elite Jumpers – Proficient
  EJS Elite Jumpers – Skilled
  NGC Novice Gamblers
  OGC Open Gamblers
  EGC Elite Gamblers
  NCC Novice Chances
  OCC Open Chances
  ECC Elite Chances – Proficient
  ECS Elite Chances – Skilled
  TN-N Novice Tunnelers
  TN-O Open Tunnelers
  TN-E Elite Tunnelers – Proficient
  TNS-E Elite Tunnelers – Skilled
  WV-N Novice Weavers
  WV-O Open Weavers
  WV-E Excellent Weavers – Proficient
  WVS-E Excellent Weavers – Skilled
  TG-N Novice TouchNGo
  TG-O Open TouchNGo
  TG-E Elite TouchNGo – Proficient
  TGS-E Elite TouchNGo – Skilled
  S- Superior (Prefix)
  O- Outstanding (Prefix)
  NATCH NADAC Agility Trial Champion
  Vers-NATCH NADAC Versatility Champion


CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience)


Rally Obedience Only:
  RN Rally Novice
  RA Rally Advanced
  RX Rally Excellent
  RV Rally Versatility